2021 United Food Systems Summit Dialogues with INOFO North America

These are truly important days that we are living in. The COVID-19 pandemic, the continuing economic downturn, racial injustice and the growing impact of our survival on the environment are greatly affecting social and economic relationships. However, these times have seemed to shaped our hope for a better today and better future; to build back better. In all of this turmoil, our hope has not been taken away.

There are many reasons and causes for concern about the 2021 United Nations Food System Summit. Many have chosen not take up any formal role in the summit, meaning champions, action track leaders, or members of any formal body in the formal architecture are absent from directing the narrative and goals of these discussions.  In more serious causes, many groups have decided to boycott the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit and Dialogue activities.

The INOFO North America Dialogue – 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit Dialogues was an important session for today. Today, we shared our voices – the voices of small farmers, black farmers, indigenous farmers, farmers of color, and general farmer organizations – of our visions, benefits, strategies, and successes. We spoke about farmer wellbeing, expectations and hopes, as well as our deliberate actions for change in our communities, in our food systems, and what is needed to build better food systems — for all.

Another important success of today’s discussion was the inclusion of the great voices of (BIPOC) communities, farmers, and organizations – many of whom are seldom reached out to – which represents a positive change in North America, the United Nations, and the world.

The INOFO North America Dialogue added our voices to the 2021 UN Food System Summit Dialogues and Summit Process, and enabled a platform of inclusion – that was not available to us before – as we shared our history, our great resiliencies, deliberate actions, and hopes. Hope for a better today, hope for a better inclusive tomorrow, to build back better – together.