Agroforestry Farmer from Brazil represents INOFO at the UN FSS Pre-Summit

I’m Thales Bevilacqua Mendonça and I’m an organic farmer from Brazil and INOFO, but I’m here today to share the views of farmers, fishers, herders, ranchers and pastorales who are diverse in the ways they operate and produce food and have been participating in the UN Food Systems Summit process.

There are two things that we want to make toward a food systems: 

  1. We are the heart of the food system transformation, and we will continue to work towards more regenerative, equitable and empowering food systems. We are the providers of solutions for the health and wellbeing of ourselves, communities and the planet.
  2. We commit to addressing zero hunger and malnutrition in all its forms by producing a diversity of food that is safe, nutritious and respects all planetary boundaries. I also want to call out the need to stop the loss of biodiversity.

But we all have to play our part, and this means that and there are two requests:

  1. The concentration of power in food systems needs to be rebalanced so that we can realise the true value of food and strengthen the agency of primary producers.
  2. We need you all to do your part to support producers to transition to resilient, agroecological, adaptive and integrated food systems,  because there is no “one size fits all”.

Producers through our organizations and cooperatives  will continue to engage policy making bodies to shape agriculture policies and implement pro producer measures and programmes.

We need our identity and our own voice in all spaces without which no transformation of food systems is possible. We are the people in the food systems.

Today we are the seeds of tomorrow’s harvest. Let’s farm the future together.

©UN Photo/ Giulio Napolitano