2021 INOFO

General Assembly Poll

In this year’s general assembly, we will be using Zoom and its polling system to facilitate voting in our regional general assemblies. Below is a video explaining the steps and what you can expect as a member voting in our virtual assemblies.

  1. Attend your regional general assembly on Zoom.
  2. Listen for the prompt and question for voting.
  3. See the poll question appear on your device while in the Zoom meeting.
  4. Select your answer and press “submit”.
  5. Review poll answers until the host closes the results.
  6. Wait for the next poll and repeat these steps.

Note: If you are unable to vote in the Zoom meeting for whatever reason, you may access the forms below to vote online via your region.

If you could not vote in the virtual assembly, please select your region and vote via the website.


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