Online dialogues by African members a success

As part of INOFO’s independent dialogues across five continents to present a position of the global organic farmers to the UNFSS.
In Africa, we had a very interesting UN Food Systems Summit Dialogue organised by INOFO Africa in collaboration with the Seed Savers Network Kenya (SSN), a member network. We had two speakers namely Mrs Claire Regina Ameyo Quenum from the African Network for the Right to Food in Togo and Ms. Anne Maina from Biodiversity and Biosafety Association followed by a group discussion with questions, comments and suggestions from the organic farmers from Eastern, Western and Southern Africa. Around 35 farmers joined through zoom, but different organic farmer groups collected at several locations to get involved in the dialogue and raise their common concerns and possible solutions to the existing Food Systems in Africa. Mauritius organic farmers also joined the event. A recurrent question is how to include small holder organic farmers for the future of food and how does these global platforms assist the livelihood of farmers