Coordinating Global Strategies for Organic Farming

Global representation for organic farmers

INOFO connects organic farmer organisations on the ground, to represent them on international platforms. Grow the voice of farmers by joining our global community today.

Our Vision and Mission

Empowering Farmers for a Sustainable Future

A world of regenerative and sustainable food system for all

To unit organic farmers and support their voices, at all levels of the food
systems development towards producing healthy, nutritious food and preserve mother earth
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Connecting Communities

Empowering Farmers

Holistic Methods

Defending our planet

Our Work

Coordinating Global Strategies for Organic Farming

INOFO takes pride in our ability to coordinate strategies across nations, bringing together the expertise, knowledge, and networks of farmers from different countries. Our collaborative efforts lead to innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to food security and sovereignty for current and future generations.

BIOFACH 2024 – GIZ Import Promotion Desk INOFO participation

During Biofach 2023, INOFO board met with Ms Sarah Jensen from Strengthen Farmer Organisations program of GIZ to discuss opportunities for INOFO members (OFOs) to…
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AFA IFAD – Global Conference of Family Farmers for Climate

INOFO succeeded in registering one of our Conveners to be part of IFADs mission to COP28. As part of the preparation, AFA and IFAD conducted…
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On behalf of the organizing committee of the 5th AOC in Rwanda, Kigali, INOFO invites Organic Farmers from within Africa, representing their Organic Farmers’ Organizations…
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Women’s Coffee In Brazil – INOFO positive stories

The production of COOPFAM Women's Coffee is the materialization of women's protagonism and visibility in the production of quality coffee. With the group Women Organized…
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INOFO leading IGrowYourFood Campaign of IFOAM OI

14.9.2023 INOFO was leading the livestream having INOFO Farmer speak on nourishing the world in times of crisis. A successful day with a lot of…
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INOFO at India Biofach 2023

Farmers get an opportunity to share their experiences and ground realities at the unique Farmers Conference organised by OFAI - Organic Farming Association of India…
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The Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmer Organisations

INOFO is a global network that fosters a new connection among established associations of Organic farmers, harnessing the potential of a bottom-up, farmer-led approach. It is important to note that INOFO is not a fresh organization and does not accept individual farmers as members. Instead, it engages in advocacy efforts to promote common goals related to food sovereignty, encompassing broader concerns such as public policy, farmers' land rights, climate adaptation, production standards and guarantee systems, marketing and pricing negotiations, participatory research, technical training and exchanges, as well as education and other matters affecting farmers. Moreover, INOFO places emphasis on cultivating youth involvement in professional platforms, ensuring that the social and environmental aspects within our communities remain intact. Lastly, INOFO aims to shed light on the challenges faced by small-scale organic farming by openly discussing and highlighting the realities experienced by farmers worldwide.

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