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Why does INOFO exist?

How were members of INOFO's executive elected?

Who is the INOFO ExCo?

What can INOFO do to encourage local communities and farmers to get PGS certified?

What can organic farmers and organizations contribute to INOFO?

How can INOFO support me or my organic farmer organization?

How can INOFO support me as a farmer, both in my OFO and in markets?

How can INOFO support me as a farmer to obtain better value in my produce?

How can INOFO support us in reclaiming our rights as farmers?

What is the relationship between IFOAM and INOFO?

Can one be a member of INOFO without being a member of IFOAM?

Who funds INOFO?

Does INOFO represent the certified organic sector?

Why should INOFO be involved in seed policy advocacy?

Do we need to pay membership fees twice in the future?

How much are INOFO's membership fees?

Why are membership fees not applicable?

Does INOFO publish newsletters or articles?

How would farmers get updates from INOFO?

What is the official language of INOFO?

How does INOFO ensure democratic and transparent processes internally?