The Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmer Organisations

The Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmer Organisations (INOFO) is a global nexus that connects farmer groups to international platforms. This organization's primary objective is to ensure that the needs and rights of local farmers are both acknowledged and safeguarded. Using the varied skills, knowledge, and networks of farmers across numerous countries, INOFO orchestrates strategies that ensure food security for both the present and future generations.

Evolution of the Organic Farmers Organisations

Over the years, Organic Farmers Organisations have made persistent efforts to establish their own professional union. This evolution is evident through the successive INOFO general assemblies that have taken place globally, starting with Italy in 2008, followed by Korea in 2011, Istanbul in 2014, and most recently, Delhi in 2017.

Achieving Autonomy and Influence

Through these continuous endeavors, we have now succeeded in creating an autonomous, self-organised infrastructure. Within this framework, we carry out consultations and collaborations on issues of mutual interest. This autonomy has enabled us to represent ourselves in any forum with a legitimate voice, thereby elevating our influence and reach.

Our Board

The board of INOFO, the International Organic Farmers Organization, is an extraordinary assembly of passionate and dedicated individuals united in their commitment to champion the rights of organic farmers worldwide.

Shamika Mone


Shamika Mone is a researcher turned organic farmer and entrepreneur originally from Maharashtra. She does organic farming on 4 Acres leased farm land where she grows traditional rice varieties and vegetables.

Stephen Hazelman

Global Secretary

Stephen Hazelman Is currently the Organic Systems Extension Officer for the Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community (POETCom) housed at the Pacific Community in Suva Fiji and he has been associated with POETCom since its founding.

Thales Mendonça

Global Relationship Manager

Thales Mendonça is a technical consultant in agroforestry production, mushroom cultivation in logs, processing and commercialization, and topics related to organic agriculture.

Daniel Wanjama

Vice President

Daniel Wanjama grew up in rural Kenya with his family practising subsistence farming. He noted the increased use of hybrid seeds, fertilizers and pesticides were neither improving farmers’ income nor enabling small-scale farmers to feed themselves with safe and sufficient food.

Jennifer Taylor

Joint Secretary

Dr. Jennifer Taylor is the Vice President of IFOAM North America and an organic farmer in rural Georgia. She is an advocate for underserved small farm populations, indigenous farmers, black farmers, farmers of colour and their communities.


The INOFO Council of Convenors plays a pivotal role in the organization by electing office bearers, advising the Executive Committee, overseeing the implementation of General Assembly decisions, managing INOFO activities, shortlisting motions for the General Assembly, making decisions between assemblies, and approving new members.

Asia Convenors

Shamika Mone


XL Fluentes


Bibong Widyarti


Europe Convenors

Aina Calafat Roger


North America Convenors

Jennifer Taylor

United States of America

Latin America Convenors

Thales Mendonça


Leticia Bustamante


Alfredo Añasco


Africa Convenors

Daniel Wanjama


Nana Adams


Charles Mubanga


Oceania Convenors

Stephen Hazelman


Carolin Moeller