Launch of the first INOFO Global Strategic Plan

INOFO Communications

INOFO Global is delighted to announce the launch of the first INOFO Global Strategic Plan.

INOFO Global was founded in 2008 as a self-organised structure of organic farmer organisations within the IFOAM Organics International Network. Among many achievements over the years, the partnership with Andreas Hermes Akademie, allowed INOFO Global to strengthen its internal governance.

One fundamental milestone is the first INOFO Global Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan is built on four key impact areas, namely:

  • Advocacy
  • Knowledge Sharing and Training
  • Leadership and Capacity building
  • Organisational Development & Governance


11.30 Welcoming note – Shamika Mone (INOFO President)

11.35 Acknowledgment of INOFO under IFOAM Network – Karen Mapusa (IFOAM OI)

11.40 Reflection of collaboration and history of AHA and INOFO – Nicole Bolomey (AHA)

11.45 Feedback from the ground – Thales Mendonça (youth and OFO)

11.50 Achievements and Lessons Learn INOFO Global – Daniel Wanjama (INOFO Vice President)

11.55 Next milestones of INOFO Shamika Mone (INOFO President)