Policy Against Hunger – human rights based approach to food systems transformation


INOFO was invited to participate in the Policy against Hunger ebent from the German Ministry of Food and Agriculure in June 2023.

Daniel Wanjama INOFO Vize president and Alfredo Añasco INOFO Latin American Convener represented INOFO during this event.

Daniel Wanjama states his highlights and thought as following: “The two days conference was preceded by a one afternoon meeting of the civil society groups to prepare for the conference. I came to realize the importance of that preparation later when we went to the working groups meeting. Both Alfredo and I were placed in the working group, two representing small scale farmers. The inputs from various working groups will inform the Germany Government policy in addressing hunger at the global arena which could have implications on funding and policies too. Therefore, there was vested interest at the working groups level with some participants vehemently opposing concrete proposals on agroecology and organic agriculture. In the end Alfredo, myself and other allies successfully defended inclusion of agroecology and organic agriculture as part of sustainable agriculture approaches.”

A second working group also occurred during this event: The working group highlighted the importance of promoting inclusive and sustainable agriculture approaches that empower and enable the agency of small-scale food producers, and particularly the rights of women and youth. This includes sustainable approaches such as agroecology and organic agriculture (as food systems approach). The working group further recommended that additional support for capacity building on sustainable agricultural approaches, particularly agroecology, is given to small scale food producers.

INOFO is proud to be invited and seen as crucial shapers of these policies. Inofo wants to thank for the invite and recognition of the farmer voice through INOFO and its members- organic farmer organizations.