Update on UNFSS dialogue by INOFO Asia

INOFO Communications

The INOFO Asia Independent dialogue was held on June 15 with around 70 participants coming from Asian countries namely India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Pacific. We had presentations from speakers on the five tracks of the UNFSS. Mrs. Bibong Widyarti Djaprie from Indonesia spoke on their experience with Ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all , followed by Dr. Ranil Senanayake from Sri Lanka who spoke about his experience in Shifting to sustainable consumption patterns, followed by Dr. Chito Medina from Philippines with their experiences on Boosting nature-positive production, followed by Mr. Chien Tran Mahn Advancing equitable livelihoods and finally we had Mr. KP Illiyas, India on his experiences of using traditional seeds for Building resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stress followed by a group discussion. The dialogue focused on sharing solutions from farmers’ perspectives which are practical, viable, sustainable, just, equitable and centered at farmers and their community’ realities.