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The production of COOPFAM Women’s Coffee is the materialization of women’s protagonism and visibility in the production of quality coffee. With the group Women Organized in Search of Equality (MOBI), the women members of COOPFAM – Cooperative of Family Farmers of Poço Fundo and Region, in the south of Minas Gerais, Brazil, show that whether in the fields, in the yard or in management, they are an important part of the coffee production chain.
Produced since 2013 in Organic and Sustainable versions, the quality of COOPFAM Women’s Coffee is now guaranteed by the Participatory Certification of Women’s Coffee. This methodology aims to involve women in moments of sharing experiences and to safeguard the credibility of COOPFAM, the MOBI group and the product for consumers. Of all the sales of COOPFAM Women’s Coffee, roasted or ground, 10% goes back to the women. Of this, 50% goes back to each producer and 50% is invested in training to improve the quality of the women’s coffees. The Women’s Coffees has a sensory that presents fruity, caramel and chocolate notes, added to a pleasant finish, has a body and acidity that fill the palate.
Enjoying Women’s Coffee becomes a special experience of flavors and appreciation of women’s work in the field.

Discover the story of women farmers who came together to gain a voice in a cooperative:
Women from Poço Fundo, in Minas Gerais, fought for votes, made it to the presidency and created sustainable and organic coffees.

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